san francisco

San Francisco is full of little moments for us. 
- all five of Rico's kids wrestling in the pool together.

- Jason cooking Yoda's early birthday dinner - bacon cheeseburgers on sugared donuts

- Leah and Chelsea making an early birthday cake for Yoda
- Jason, Rico, Punk and I venturing into the San Francisco Dungeons, a combination history lesson/haunted house. It was here that live actors forced me to dance solo in a nineteenth century courthouse in order to escape a hanging, and Punk was accidentally executed in a surgical mishap meant to cure him from bubonic plague. Oh, and the bathrooms, don't even get us started on the excellent bathrooms.
- a trip to Fisherman's wharf, with a great view of Alcatraz and sea lions

- Kooka trying her first oyster at one of the shops in the Ferry building (kudos for effort, but she soon regretted it)

- big brothers spinning little sisters at urban playgrounds

- fresh tamales, rellanos, and rice for most of us. Punk actually walked into a taqueria requesting "Nachos that aren't too authentic."
- more snuggles for baby c.

- a visit to J&C's house, which is on some crazy Dr. Seuss hill, that only that only the Lorax could navigate upright.

- all ten of us crushed into a five passenger Subaru.

- pizza on the pier
- the Golden Gate Bridge

- big brother photo bombs