So far we love it. There are several big cities that are on my "never need to see that again" list, (at the risk of offending anyone, I won't post them here), but Seattle is not one of them. 

We could live here, and I'd be totally down with that. The people are genuine - not hipster, not cooler than everyone else, just real. The city is bustling, but not overcrowded. It's not overpriced, it's just sort of wonderful.

At least so far.

We spent three hours traveling and the rest of our day at the Pacific Science Center creating optical illusions with mirrors, petting the starfish, holding butterflies, and loving the interactive exhibits. 

We ate dinner at Dick's Drive-In, a Seattle icon, where the food is cheap, super fast, and the fries are to die for.

Punk and Kooka leave us tomorrow, so I'm going to spend less time writing and more time laughing.  I'm sure there will be no love lost between me and the Seattle airport tomorrow. I can feel the tears welling up already.


Treats said…
You didn't happen to bump into McDreamy, did you? Seattle is on my bucket list. Keep track of all the things I'd want to do and those not worth the time or money. Hug those cuties for me.
j said…
So far it's the fries. Everywhere you go - eat the fries. Especially the garlic fries at Pike's Market. We also made a little venture to a place I'm sure you'll love - photos coming soon.