ice castles

Though we couldn't feel our fingers after about ten minutes, this was totally worth it.

The Ice Castles in Eden Prairie, MN, was as close to magical as we can get in sub-zero weather. If Elsa had a real ice-palace - this would be it. One of us didn't want to leave (spoiler alert - it was the one who dressed herself and actually put on two pair of pants like I asked her to, layered her shirts, and hummed Let It Go the entire time.) The tunnels, ice thrones, ice slides and moving waterfall were actually enough to make us fall in love with winter.

I don't think it was the cold that eventually pulled us away, I'm pretty sure it was Punk's avalanche of horrifying puns:
"Wow, I love chilin' out with you guys."
"Ice to see you here!"
"This place is soooo cool."
"Wow, what an icehole!"

Thankfully, they weren't talking about each other.