olden times

I made this. Not the kid, the outfit . . . well, if we're getting technical, both, but I digress.

It's not that I think the dress is terribly stunning - it's not. Yoda picked out the parts herself and I went with it.

It's more that she asked me to make it and I said yes. 
I said yes, because I could.
I could because I took home-ec in 7th and 8th grade. 
I took home-ec in 7th and 8th grade because I had to. 
I had to because in order for me to be considered a productive member of society, my school district thought I should be able to fry an egg, know the difference between a flathead and phillips screwdriver (shop class was also required), be able to sew on a button, hem a pair of pants, know when the milk was rotten, wash a few dishes by hand, know how to turn the oven on and off, clean up after myself and cook a relatively balanced meal. 

This was not an elective - it was required. Allllllllll 12  year-olds had to do this. Furthermore, we had to pass it with an acceptable grade. Not that we all have to run around making glittery butterfly dresses, but my God, maybe we could wash an occasional dish, or sew a button on instead of throwing away the whole shirt. I think I am officially old, because I miss the good-old-days, when we actually had to heat up the oven to cook our pizza rolls or take responsibility for returning the VHS tape to Blockbuster.


Isn't it crazy?! Regardless of whether we were male or female, we were all required to take these classes. I try to explain this to my kids and they think we grew up in the stone age. Now, grant you, I am not skilled in the domestic department, no matter how hard I try (and I do), but at least we learned the basics.
Treats said…
Wait...kids don't have to take it anymore? Good job, J. The outfit and kid are adorable.
j said…
I know Michelle - I thank god for Miss Mattson every day of my life. No Treats, they don't have to take it, and when they do, they make chocolate covered strawberries or some such craziness. I just want my kids to be graded on how well they can throw things in crock-pot, 409 the counter tops, and program the DVR. Is that too much to ask?
... and closing the cupboard doors. I remember our class being told that if anyone was caught leaving the doors open, she would fail them on the spot. If I remember correctly, she knew someone who was seriously hurt from an open cupboard door.