She's only 4 - and she'd be one of the absolute youngest in the class.  The issue is this:

It's not that she's not ready NOW - it's will she be ready to move out to college at 17?

The short answer is NO.

The long answer is that we won't know until she's 15, which is just a little late for starting kindergarten.


Treats said…
We had this issue with both kiddos. Glad we held back #2. By the time he was ready to be on his own, he qualified for a whole free year of college. #1 left at 17 and it was too early. Whatever you do...follow your heart. I know where your heart is. Keep that kid close to you.
j said…
Thank you - I needed that. The issue we're having is that all of her friends are going - which I guess means she'd just have to make new friends. We will probably homeschool kindergarten anyway, so we can decide next year, but still . . . . I'm always second guessing.
Treats said…
Quit second guessing. Follow your heart and you can't go wrong. She will have an opportunity to have friends in two different grades. B loved that.