day 2 illinois, indiana and kentucky

You know how sometimes your memory of a place is better than the actual place?

Yeah, well Mug-n-Bun is NOT like that. Admittedly, it's located on a pretty crumbly street, there is a sign advising, no begging you to help them stop thieves from taking their stuff, and it hasn't been painted since the Nixon administration, but don't let that stop you. We've seen 48 states and lots of road food. Mug-n-Bun wins.  After google searching the world's best root beer 5 years ago, we drove to this place to scope it out. We weren't disappointed. It's thick and vanilla-ey, like root beer Nirvana.

This time, we drank two quarts of it and didn't even feel a twinge of remorse. The chili dogs (dogs with sauce and cheese) are the greatest thing you'll ever eat in the Hoozier state, and let's not forget about these little nuggets:

Deep fried mac-n-cheese. Three orders of these glorious little babies went down the hatch in about ten minutes.

Thankfully we had the drive-in food to distract us from the five hours of stop-and-go traffic from Chicago to Indianapolis. It completely sidelined our plans and we didn't get to flush ourselves down a giant toilet bowl in Columbus like we'd hoped, but ce'la vie, I'm sure we'll find a sinkhole somewhere in Kentucky.


Treats said…
deep fried mac and cheese - Amurica at it's finest.