day 2 sinkhole schminkhole

It was better than a sinkhole.

Louisville's Mega Cavern Quest is located in an old Kentucky mine. It's a neon-lit high ropes/zip line course that allows you to simultaneously face your fear of heights AND your fear of being sucked to the center of the earth by a giant Kentucky crater. 

Neeks was barely tall enough and not nearly brave enough to try, so both Rico and I watched with envy as the big kids traversed the ropes. 

Quote of the day: 
Rico: (from the galley down below the cave ceiling) Uh Punk, I don't think your caribeaner is actually latched.
Punk: Oh, whoops.

Our home for the night is Cave City, Kentucky. Between the caves, Abe Lincoln, and the accents, I think I could live here forever.


Treats said…
Maybe Punk and Kooka could become spelunkers and you could move there (it's a little less cold than MN in the winter). Looks to dark and scary for this gal. Have a great day, Daydreamers.