day 4 kennesaw to ocala

I'd go so far as to say nothing has gone our way since we started.  This trip, but that wouldn't be true. We've had great weather, met great people, safe travels and relative good health - all good.

But nothing we planned has come to fruition - no visit to the Atlanta history center, no frolicking with lorikeets in Kentucky, no flushing ourselves down the giant toilet bowl in Indianna, maybe on the return trip.

Today was a stop in Marietta for a visit with my mom's friend Lorainne. Yoda got to feed the giant Koi in her backyard, while the big kids heard stories about Grandma Terry.

Then we were on the road again. 

We stopped at Lane Southern Orchards in Fort Valley, Georgia. We toured the peach factory, sampled Georgia peaches, tomatoes and cobbler. Even Mr. Particular loved the cinnamon pecans.