sanibel love

One of our kids loves the ocean. 
One of our kids loves the beach.
One of our kids loves the air conditioning.

Regardless, we all got up this morning and enjoyed the island before things got too toasty.  Punk and Yoda took a dip in the pool, Kooka and I searched for shells and took a morning kayak trip, Rico mastered the paddle board in one try. (Yeah, he really did. But I still love yesterday's pictures).

We had just enough time to dry off and grab a slice of leftover pizza, before heading to the marina for our tour on the Sanibel Thriller. The Thriller is a large speedboat that circumnavigates the entire island for a two hour tour - a two hour tour.

Seeing as my seat mate was basically Gilligan in a Mickey Mouse hat, Rico's repeated renditions of, "If not for the courage of the fearless crew, the Thriller would be lost . . ." started to rustle my jimmies. Looking around, I was clearly the "Professor" in this adventure. I mean, if anybody was going to be charged with rebuilding our motor out of two scallop shells and a coconut, it was either up to me or pod of dolphins following us.

Which brings me to:

(Insert sound of angels singing) 
Dolphins. So many dolphins.
Much dolphin.
Such happy.
Much wow.

Yoda loved the babies and the waves that lulled her to sleep.
Punk loved the loud music on the boat.
Kooka and I loved the salty spray in our faces and the fact that, in case we haven't mentioned it, there were freaking dolphins!!!

Rico picked us up at the dock and we headed out for an early dinner at Cheeburger Cheeburger. He's sort of a food genius and never disappoints. Cheeburger allows you to choose from over 40 free toppings, and has over 1 million choices of milkshakes. 1 MILLION! Plus, they have loaded chili fries that look like this:

This place just keeps getting better.
Rico, Yoda, Kooka and I headed back to the beach to build bug houses and shoot some dance-y pictures, while Punk caught up on some sketches and Fresh Prince re-runs in the room.

After a quick swim, Rico and I got to take a long walk on the beach. 

There are no lights on Sanibel beach due to sea turtle nesting season, so I did manage to get us a liiiiiiiiitttttle bit lost on our way back.  Bit it was worth it. Everything here is worth it, even getting lost.


Treats said…
Looks like a perfect day to me. Kooka's moves are magical - and make my back hurt. Wondering how you all manage to be in close quarters after eating a bomb like those french fries. Hope you remembered your Tums. xo