I've been practicing living in the moment. Today it was easy to do. 

Rico always wakes up first, which really is the best for all of us. By the time nine o'clock rolls around, he's already scouted out beach umbrellas, brought back cinnamon bread and fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast and befriended the coffee guy. If it were left to me, we'd end up more like "Naked and Afraid" foraging in the sand for snails, having to fashion shade out of two dried starfish limbs and a banana leaf, and accidentally pissing off the Russian family next to us.

He really is the best thing.

Well, almost.

The BEST thing happened today whe KOOKA and I took a kayak out on the ocean.
"It would be so cool to see a dolphin," I said.
At the very same moment KOOKA shouts, "WHOA!!! Did you see that?" 
I did, but thanks to yahoo news and my own genetic defects,  I naturally assumed it was this:

It wasn't.
Because as soon as the word "dolphin" came out of her mouth, we saw him again, and again and again. There are no pictures, and even if we had remembered the camera, we were both too awestruck to do much except just sit quietly and watch. And when Rico and I went out later, he came even closer, which of course means that he sensed my kindred dolphin spirit. I'm pretty sure he was just looking for a way to approach the kayak and offer me a ride, bit we had Yoda on shore and had to head back.

We ate lunch pool side, where we discovered that while none of our kids can find their names on a Coke bottle, thankfully, Griselda will never feel that pain.

While the kids napped, Rico and I ran to the Sanibel super market Jerry's. The supermarket with an entrance lined with palm trees and parrots (I did not make this up), the supermarket that sells Moon Cheese (google it, I'll wait), the super market that sells our brand of sunscreen (sunbum) and sells the best key lime pie on the island. 
I love this place.
This is their OFF season, and I love this place.

Later in the afternoon, we took Yoda for a quick (dolphin-less) kayak ride, and Kooka, Rico and I tried out the stand up paddle boards. Rico claims that both he and Kooka struggled to stay up, that they are BOTH responsible for their multiple landings in the drink. But pictures don't lie.

She is literally walking on water. Weak link confirmed.


Treats said…
I love Sanibel. Looks like you're having a fabulous time. I love all the photos you share :) Keep having fun!

Kelley Bray said…
Oh my gosh! The man can make breakfast in bed and network with the every coffee company before sunrise but he can't stand on a paddle board in Lake-like water to save his life!