day 3: kentucky, tennesee, georgia

OK, it's technically a roadtrip, but it's not up to our usually caliber. Usually we drive a few hours, stop someplace cool, take in a little local culture and ease on down the road, but with so much ground to cover in so little time, the stops are few - and quick. 

The upside, is that this ain't our first rodeo, and we knew exactly where to go: a quick stop in Nashville for a peek at he Grand Ole Opry (and a rock drop: "face the music" and "follow your dreams"), and a mango tea.

By the time we got to Chattanooga, we just followed the aroma to Sugar's BBQ. We've been to Chattanooga three times in our lives, and the last two we're just for a taste of the best brisket in the world (maybe the best food in the world- and although I am prone to poetic license, this is not one of those times - it's really that good) and homemade banana pudding, which makes all of s look like this:


Treats said…
Kooka's hair looks quite similar to Princess Leia! Banana pudding - YUM. If I happen to get invited over to paint rocks sometime this summer, maybe I'll make you a banana cream pie - YUM!