days 6,7,8

  We should be settled by now, but we're not. There was the happy madness of visiting cousins, and trips to the ocean (more on that another time), and lead-ins for brave camp, and staying up late, and sunburns, and learning to dive and my brother and I teaching the next generation to play our made-up childhood games like "Little Joey Carrot" and "Help I Cant't Breathe" (don't ask). 

Today we made a trip to the Wynwood Art District for street tacos and cousin selfies at the Wynwood Walls.

We're all sort of in love with the art down here, everywhere we turn, we find a new favorite thing. But despite the crazy amazing tacos and the incredible art, and even the juice served straight out of the coconut, there was one thing that was best if all for Tiny.


She'd never seen one in her entire life, never heard the music-  don't think she even believed me when I told her that such a thing existed - so of course, I had to let her order something.

Tomorrow Brave camp starts in earnest and both a Rico and I are having some serious reservations. We'll say our prayers tonight and hope for the best, but if you would too, that would be extra great.