day 5 welcome to miami

It's rare that we get to park ourselves in one place for too long, so I'm pretty excited about our extended stay in Miami. Then again, after last summer, I'm pretty excited to be anywhere celebrating together.

Today was the start of sessions for Tiny's Brave Camp. We headed to FLorida a International a University which is by far the largest campus I've ever seen - but beautiful. Tiny did a really great job, and seemed to make a bit of progress even in just one day - though I think it'll take a full week and a bit more reflection before my final verdict. After some time being bserved (both with parents and with a counselor), we got a lunch break, so we picked up the big girls for lunch and macarons at the Dolphin Mall.

It's not quite the MOA, but the looooooong walkways certainly give ita run for its'money.  After lunch we headed to the middle school where camp will be held (and where the mascot is a giant shark) to check out the classroom and meet some other campers.

As far as the parent training goes, I don't feel like it's anything we didn't know, but a Tiny did earn 9 brave coins, so she felt it was a productive day.
Our hotel is rather spectacular for an Expedia find, and we spent a large part of the afternoon lounging in the pool and noshing on the free Cuban chicken salad the hotel provides for dinner. While we were at the pool, a lady and a little boy approached Tiny and said, "Hey, I recognize that face! We found one of your rocks!" 

Louie and his mom are staying at the same hotel, and found one of her rocks. They checked out her Instagram, and that's how a Tiny made her first new friend from her rock project.

After dinner we piled into the car to cruise down Ocean Drive and take a stroll down Lincoln Road on South Beach. We checked out Dylan's Candy Bar, 4D Gelato, tipped the breakdancers, visited the Britto Art dealer (which is my new favorite place), dropped rocks, and admired the street art.

It's midnight. Everyone is still awake, but we have the day off tomorrow - who knows what adventures we'll find.