ap history for the second grader

I am taking the 2nd grader to a presentation by a Holocuast survivor.  Punk is coming as well, but he is older, and has been well versed in the topic.  Then again, Kooka is the only person in the family who was willing to go into the Holocaust museum in DC with me. She walked through silently, solemnly, with knowing looks.  She got it - as much as anybody who never lived through it can  - she did.

Punk wants to know "why and how?".

Kooka is steelier.  "Why" and "how" are not nearly as important to her as "never again."

I will let you know if I made a giant mistake.  I'll let you know if they can sleep through the night.


Anonymous said…
Punk and Kooka will each take from it what they need and can absorb. When I was a new nurse, I took care of a woman who was a concentration camp survivor. She would come into the hospital each month for 5 days of chemo and the first time I started her IV, I pushed her sleeve up and saw her tattoed numbers. Honestly, I had to sit down.

She had night-terrors every night and chronic anxiety, even at an old age. She is always my reminder that we need to educate kids over and over about this so it NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN.