how I found out

"Jesus!" he says. "You really need to do something about that."

"About what?!"

"That ADD - my God it's gonna kill you."

"I don't have ADD."

"The hell you say."

"I don't - really."

He goes on to ask how much I sleep, what I actually do at work, even asks if I can recognize the pattern in my writing - the thoughts racing. He points out the fidgety way I move my hands all the time. He is a psychologist - it's what he does, so I actually listen when he says, "Look honey, I cannot diagnose you at a kitchen table, but I know it when I see it. They have drugs for that."

"So what," I say, "Maybe I do have it - maybe it works to my advantage."

"Possibly," he says, "But the not sleeping can kill you - did you know that?"

"That's not true."

He exhales hard and laughs. Then he tells me there is a reliable website - tells me to take a short diagnostic test, and let him know what happened. I tell him I'll think about it, and then rush to the computer as soon as he leaves.

I take his stupid test. 34 is borderline. Up to 49 is mild ADD. Up to 69 is moderate. 70 - 80 is serious.

I score an 89.
Red letters inform me to seek help IMMEDIATELY.  WTF - and lose my edge? No way.

I tell him that I passed. He laughs again and says, "Oh, OK. So I guess we should add pathological liar to the list."


Anonymous said…
You'd for sure lose your edge. Two of the people I love most in my life are serious ADD'ers and sleep half the amount I do. I love them just the way they are!! Ditto for you.

rrhaider said…
Is it okay to comment "No comment"? 'Cause you know what I mean : )
j said…
Yes - it's ok. I figured it came as no surprise to anyone.