We travel often - at least as often as we can.

And although I am a history buff, I don't expect my kids to memorize every little detail.  Actually, I am amazed when they do.  For example, when we toured Ford's theater in DC, Rico looked over the balcony where John Wilkes Booth jumped, and said, "Whoa - that's a long way down - surprised the guy didn't break a leg." At which point both kids turned to him in unison and said, "He DID!" I am not sure what caused that little nugget to stick in their brains . . . but I do have a full explanation for this one:

Driving past the White House:

Kooka: Wow - just think, the president is in there right now. Every single president lived right there - Abraham Lincoln lived there, George Washington lived there.

Me: Well, actually he didn't get to. It wasn't built yet.

And then there was that fire, so this one was built later. So not every president was in there. Most of them, but not all.

Kooka: Whoa - who was in it when it burned down?

Me: Hmmm - I can't recall.

It was that guy that was married to Little Debbie.

Me & Rick:
Little Debbie?!?

Punk: Yeah.

Me: You mean Dolly Madison?

Punk: Yeah . . . that's the one, I knew it had something to do with snack cakes.

(he was right)


davy the diaper changer said…
These kids should travel with davy the trivia king
j said…
We only had one evening with Davy - which was not nearly enough. Sadly, they are stuck with a mother who also cross-references historical events with snack foods.