6th grade

Sixth grade is fast approaching.  If it were up to Punk it would be full time homeschool. If it were up to certain family members it would mean full time public school.  And if it were up to other members it would be full time at the private school where I teach (A 7 year free-ride would be roughly a $170K education).

Unfortunately, deciding is tough.

The facts about our public school experiences are varied.  As far as Kooka goes, her spelling skills have deteriorated dramatically, and her math has become stagnant at best. On the flip side, she seems content.  She is competitive, and this setting allows her to compare herself to other constantly - which is something she seems to enjoy.

As for Punk - needless to say, his experience at a charter school was stomach turning, but his regular public school experience taught him things I couldn't - things he needed to know.  He figured out how to use a day planner, what it feels like to finish last in a foot race, and the glory of being asked to teach drawing to his entire class (teacher included).

So what is best for them?  In an ideal world - I think Punk's 6th grade would look something like this:

8-10 - home room, band and biology at the public middle school
10-11 - art class at the high school or local college
11-3: homeschool

I think I may be pushing my luck to even wish  for it - but a girl can dream.  Does anyone else use the school system a'la carte like this?  I didn't even know we could until this year.


Marilyn said…
My kids are allowed to participate in after school clubs at the public school which has been great - he got to teach the computer club kids how to use SCRATCH and loves his science club engineering projects. We have not attended actual "school" during the day but I know a family from our neighboring state who does the a'la carte thing.

I should petition my district to allow this option...whether we use it or not is beside the point - it should be an option.