name game

So many people ask us what Yoda's real name will be.

Although there has been much discussion, there is no final decision.

However, there have been several options that we have unanimously crossed off the list.  These are real - and sorry if we offend anyone, but they just ain't working for us . . .

Beavis Monroe
Jesus Ichabod
Anselma Bambi
Winchell Blanche

If there's something on this list you really love - you better speak up now.  Punk is still gunning for "Yoda" - which is by far the best choice on this list.


Anonymous said…
I'm partial to "Treats".
j said…
Yessssssssss that is a good one - and not at all questionable for a young girl growing up in this day and age.

But - seeing as how your own children were given both of my first choice monikers for Punk - I will take your comments under serious advisement.
Anonymous said…
I'll send you some ideas via e-mail, so no one else can scrutinize.