don't ask

Don't ask why the past three posts have been about gratefulness and respect - it's just a little something I've been dwelling on lately.

But before I move on, I had to share what Punk told me today, when I asked for his opinion on the matter.

Me: "Hey Punk - what do you think when you hear people talking smack to their parents, or being rude to them?"

Punk: (shaking his head slowly) "I'm thinking - you better enjoy that roof over your head now buddy, because the second you turn 18, the second your parents don't have to live with you - they won't."

mmm hmmm.


Anonymous said…
I suggest you print this post out and hand it to him when he turns 16! We need more Punks in the world...and Kookas!

The Guptas said…
I just spent 9 days with a very ungrateful, sassy (and unfortunately all too typical) 14 year old in my house, I can totally relate! At times it was unbearable and her parents agree but they seem clueless that they are reaping what they have sewn! Kudos to you and your family!