We knew that they would be wonderful older siblings - a little sister who always wanted to be "big", and Punk had been good at it from the minute he met Kooka and said "gimmie that baby!"

What we didn't realize was how differently they would love her.  We knew they both would, and even had assumptions about what they would each bring to Yoda's table - but now we know for sure.

Kooka is precisely what we expected - what she told us he would be:  A mini-mother.  She loves giving Yoda her daily "makeovers"  - combing her hair, picking out her onsies, helping with baths.  She is always asking to carry the diaper bag, read a stories, put the bottles together.  Having Kooka is like having a third arm.  She dotes on her new sister every minute of the day.

Punk has been the real surprise.  We expected him to love this baby - he is so tender hearted, we just didn't realize how connected he would be.  Even when she is hungry, she calms to his voice, and the way he hums the "Star Wars" theme song to her. When we took her back to get weighed, the nurse told us she was still a bit underweight, and he immediately looked up, before Rico or I could respond and said, "should we be concerned?"  When I rock her, he watches from across the room until I ask if he wants a turn.  He always says the same thing, "I want to hold her as much as I can."

Yoda is luckiest little girl in the world. She has an extended family that reaches coast to coast, and snuggled up next to her she has a sister who is so eager to teach her about the world, and a brother who wants to understand hers. 

They can't wait for you to meet her too:


Melanie said…
So cute... I love it. Nika is adorable.
Anonymous said…
So beautiful...all three of them! It was so much fun meeting her Tuesday. Thanks for sharing her with me!

Anonymous said…
What a gorgeous family. I'm really happy for you, Jana. Love, Sara