honor roll

After one quarter in the middle school, Punk has been named to the "A honor roll."

Tonight I told him that even though I was not surprised, that I was very proud of him.

His immediate response?   "Sweet! What present do I get?" (Don't ask where this little gem came from - seriously, don't ask).

So I say to him, "Actually, you get two things."

He looks genuinely surprised for a moment - he knows me better than that. So I say to him,  "The first thing you get is a feeling of self worth . . . "

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah let me guess - the second one is your respect." He knew this one was coming,  I can tell by the way his eyes nearly roll back into his skull.

"Yep - and I don't just give that stuff away."

He's a pretty good natured kid.  He takes the report card back and just grins at his stupid mother.

I lean my elbows on the table so I can get a good look into his eyes when I ask this next question. "Dude, can you honestly say that if I bought you something, that this would be a bigger accomplishment?  If I bought you something, would you feel better about yourself?"

He does not miss a beat when he leans in, smiles and says, "Absolutely not.  I'd just feel better about you."


Jamie Willow said…
haha! love it! he will keep you on your toes for sure :) you should get him something really lame and just see what he says then...lol...