the thankful feast

Being a two-home family means we try desperately to cling on to the old traditions, while simultaneously adding some new things to the mix.  Since Punk and Kooka are with their dad every Thanksgiving, Rico and I spend the day volunteering.  It always makes us feel great, but we still miss celebrating with the kids. Our solution:  The Thankful Feast.  Last week, we each picked a slip of paper from a hat - I chose drinks, Punk got appetizers, Kooka got meal and Rico dessert.  So tonight we will pile into the car, and do some traveling dining.  It's a surprise.  We have no idea where the others will take us.  We could end up at Dairy Queen for all 4 courses, or driving from Faribault to St. Cloud just to eat our meal.

No rules, except that at each stop we have to tell three things we are thankful for.  Here's a sneak peek at my list:

• my family
• our warm and safe little house - especially the cool new basement that Rico has been slaving over
• 3 happy healthy kids
• dancing with Kooka in the gymnastics club
• Yoda's giggles
• Punk's sense of humor
• Rico's kisses
• The fact that whenever I ask Kooka who she looks up to she says, "You, Treats, Ms. Rachel, and Ms. Liz"  (instead of the latest Disney tart)
• books
• good music
• laughing
• making cheeseballs
• listening to Gram's stories
• Our family doctor and nurse that have taken care of all three kids since before they were born. I love those two.
• my kid's godparents
• hot coffee with italian sweet cream
• my cousins
• our squishy Craigslist couch
• black and white photos
• visiting the ocean
• Sarah Palin (actually, I am just thankful for her on behalf of Treats)

Happy Thanksgiving!