I noticed it on facebook this morning.  Another slanted article posted about politics. I had to pipe in with my two bits, because the negativity is getting really old.

Which made me wonder.

I am a fairly self critical chick. Especially in the realm of mothering. I keep a laundry list of failures in my head - and it grows exponentially by the day.

So today, when I was busy defending politicians and the fact that they are human, and that maybe if we kept tally of the good instead of the bad, we might end up in a better place overall.

But I don't do that for myself. Instead I am very keen to dwell on my shortcomings - Yoda's poor nap skills must mean she feels insecure, which must mean I am not doing enough for her; Punk and Kooka have to spend every other weekend away from me - which is partly my own doing; the fact that we do not frequent the zoo as much as we could, or that we watched TV last night instead of playing an educational game. It all stacks up, until not only am I no longer a candidate for mother of the year, but would not be surprised to have social services knock and my door and take my children to a home where they practice multiplication tables for fun, grow their own vegetables, and steam clean the rugs at least twice a year.

So in the interest of self preservation, (and since the end result of Yoda's meltdown has left her sleeping in her crib instead of in my good writin' arm), I have decided to make a list of the things I have done right for my kids. Though it is totally contrary to my sarcastic sense of self, I am going to attempt (for at least the next 10 minutes) to focus on the positive things I have done. Here goes:

• Read all 7 Harry Potters - out loud, with voices.

• Taught my son all 5 ballet positions.

• Threw 19 killer birthday parties (yeah - they are pretty good).

• Said "no"

• Made sure Punk and Kooka have traveled to both coasts, the nation's capitol, and Disney World.

• Give great night time tuck-ins.

• Made sure everybody is up to date on their vaccinations.

• Gave up baths for 27 months. No brain frying for any of my little fetuses.

• Made sure all 3 kids can sing along to classic Jackson 5.

• Taught Punk and Kooka to read by age 2.

• Taught both big kids to do a cartwheel.

• Handmade bedspreads, curtains, and pretty sweet bedroom accessories.

• Nursed three babies - even when one of them weighed 30 pounds as a 5 month old.

• Volunteered at school.

• TAUGHT school.

• Helped with homework.

• MADE the homework.

Wow - being positive is hard for me - harder than I thought. This took way more than 10 minutes.


Anonymous said…
Oh boy...I think I pale in comparison to your list. I haven't read past the 2nd Harry Potter book (too scary). I took baths (that may explain a few things) and didn't have a 30 pound 5 month old. Did you by chance check with the Guinness Book people on that one?

j said…
Sadly (true story), I checked with the Maury Povitch people on that one. They wanted my number so said child could be on their "guest list" for a show on childhood obesity.

Thankfully, everybody stretched out in the long run.

However, I am beginning to suspect that my body does not produce regular baby fare, but rather McDonald's triple-thick-vanilla shakes, as Yoda is starting to rock a third chin.
Melanie said…
Three chins as an infant is the "new black" - and rock it, she will!!
The Guptas said…
I can not believe that Yoda can not do a cartwheel yet. Geesh. I'm calling Social Services in the morning.
j said…
Maybe if she could do a cartwheel she wouldn't be sporting that third chin.