saftey first

Is there such thing as "too safe" - "too cautious" - "too protective"?

Don't get me wrong - I'm the chick who checks the door locks three times before bed, and gets up in the middle of the night to check them again. I make sure Yoda's chest is moving when she naps (I actually do that to Rico too), and the car doesn't leave the driveway until everyone is buckled in.  I'm a relatively cautious mother, but . . . .

Yesterday I was in Target and happened past the car seat aisle.  I probably wouldn't have taken much notice except that there was a height chart posted right near the endcap. I initially glanced at it to see how tall Kooka needed to be before we disregarded the belt positioning booster that she uses - she's starting to feel weird about having to use one at all - even though she does admit that it's much more comfortable.

Glad she thinks it's cozy.
Apparently she'll be using it until she is 15.

The height chart came up to my chin - 58 inches.  That is the cut off for not using a car seat.

If that's true, some of my diminutive adult friends should be strapped into a 5 point harness when they drive themselves to work.

I want my kids to be safe - but come on.
Maybe they should just start making minivans with roll cages.


Lady Bright said…
My thinking is if cars are that unsafe maybe we need to stop focusing on having older & older kids in car seats & maybe redesign the actual seats in the cars. Maybe the whole world ought to be in a 5-pt harness & then everyone would be safer.
j said…
I was thinking the same thing!
Anonymous said…
At least we're not wearing helmets in the car. Yoda's children will probably have to.

The Rapp's said…
I am a child car seat technician at work and the law states that the child has to be 4'8'' OR 8 years old then they can stop using the seat positioning booster. Most children meet the age requirements way before the height! I think I would be one of those adults still in a booster seat. They state the age 8 because then they should be able to set properly in the car. And a helmet always helps too!!!
j said…
OMG Shanna - tell me you are kidding! Do they really tell people to use a helmet? Because I actually think it sounds like the safest plan, and if somebody starts reccomending it, we will never drive anywhere again.

And treat -
kooka's children will probably have to. Not because it's law, but because I've seen her "drive."
The Rapp's said…
I'm totally kidding! You don't have to wear a helmet but that's what I feel like they want you to do. :)
j said…
It's probably a good idea. I think we are just going to buy one of those giant hamster balls and run everywhere.