election time homeschooling

Just because I'm sending the older two off to public school in a few weeks, doesn't mean I've completely thrown in the homeschooling towel. There are certain things I've had to relegate to the public school system - who to vote for ain't one of 'em.

My deal with both kids was this: they can stay up all night and watch the election returns if they volunteer on a campaign that means something to them. I thought this could get sticky.  I really didn't want to push my political agenda on either of them, and wanted them to make their own decisions. Turns out - it wasn't sticky at all, because I'm not gung-ho about either major party candidate, and have decided that I am going to do a lot of research on the independents before casting my vote.

In an effort to make informed decisions, we each took this quiz: select smart.  By answering 24 questions, we were each given a list of which candidates were closest to our ideals. It was an incredible opportunity to talk with the kids about the issues, and how difficult it is to support just one guy, when there are so many different opinions on so many different subjects.

Our house came away with major party candidates as our front runners, and lots of independents close behind. One member of our family was completely, totally, absolutely gobsmacked at the results.  Not only the front runner, but the 8 people underneath him. Apparently, who you think you agree with - and who you should vote for - are not always the same person.


Melanie said…
I did your quiz and then this one which had more questions. The results were pretty similar.

j said…
I ended up exactly where I thought I would be, fiscally conservative socially liberal, which basically leaves me with nobody to vote for.