the great american road trip take 4: breckenridge

Today was mellow -at least by our usual road tripping standards.

Yoda is finally getting used to her travel cot and took a two hour nap, while Rico, Punk, Kooka, Frank and Sharon, ventured up to Blue Lake. Rico described it as being on "top of the world". The kids said it was amazing, and brought back tons of sparkling rocks.

Later we ventured into the Bredkenridge recreation center so the kids could swim.Rico and I took a short stroll downtown where we were treated to free fudge samples, giant blueberry-snicker doodle cookies, and the sight of a wild red fox roaming through town.


Treats said…
Your travels sound wonderful. Rico, grab the camera out of J's hands and get a couple pictures of her. She's always noticeably scarce in pics. She probably intentionally does that, but tell her that her poor, disabled friend wants to see her beautiful face :)
j said…
OH. I love how you play the disabled card NOW. I am in some, I just figured that everybody reading would rather see the kids.