the great american road trip take 4: minnesota to iowa

the great american road trip take 4
day 1minnesota to council bluffs, ia

It's just a start, we've barely covered any ground at all. We left today just after 1:00pm and started our track toward Breckenridge, where we'll meet up with Rico's life-long friends to celebrate his 60th birthday.

Today Punk made the first fantastic find of the trip - a park in Stuart, Iowa. While the rest of the place looks like a deserted town in the Twilight Zone, this park had all of the good, retro stuff: teeter-totters, metal merry-go-rounds, climbing walls, wooden jungle gyms. 

We ate cheeseburgers from BK and spun each other on the merry-go-rounds until we couldn't walk straight.

 It was a great pit stop before we hit Council Bluffs, Iowa, where really, there is not much to do but sleep.


Treats said…
Isn't the combination of BK and a merry-go-round lethal while on a road trip? I would think barf bags and nose plugs would be necessary upon re-entering the mini-van.