what we'll miss

It's that time of year again.  Three weeks until school starts, and the kids are not the only ones dreading it. I loathe the start of school - we homeschooled for a reason (several actually) and this was one of them.

I hate the early mornings, the passing of another year, missing such a big piece of Punk and Kooka's life, packing lunches, evenings full of homework - ugh. Yoda will probably be homeschooled through college simply to spare me from ever having to make another wonderbread and turkey sandwich.

But instead of dwelling on the upcoming doom and gloom, I thought it might make all of us feel better to focus on the bright spots of summer - the things we'll miss.

• fresh blueberries
• kids in the pool every day
• late nights full of warm brownies and reality tv
• family hot tub nights
• fireflies
• road trips
• camps - pinnacle, ewac and olaf
• juicy watermelon
• the fountain in bridge square
• doing laundry when we feel like it - not because we need it
• the smell of Kooka's hair after a summer day outside
• no snow
• freedom

I don't know who I'm kidding - that just made me feel worse.


Treats said…
The end of summer always makes me want to cry. What's to love about summer? Just about everything in my book!