happy 2nd birthday

Yoda celebrated her second birthday today.  It was and absolutely lovely little barbecue filled with balloons, and laughter and Mickey Mouse cake. It was especially wonderful because of the discussion that Rico and I had the night before.  

I am a worrier by nature - everything that could go wrong probably will, and when it does, I am certain that I'll be there. Of course - that's not usually how it works - like today for example.
I was telling Rico, that I feel badly for Yoda.  Punk and Kooka have a large extended family - and they are close by. Yoda is different.  She has one grandfather, and one great-grandmother. She likes to visit them, but neither of them are in a position to babysit her, to take her to the park, to bake cookies, or even make it up the three steps of our home to come to her birthday party. She will never know the feeling of spending the night at grandma's house, or going fishing with grandpa - never - and it breaks my heart.  
But today, made my heart feel whole again.  They may not be relatives - but today she was surrounded by people she loves - by people who love her, and even though the birthday song freaked out just a little bit - you could tell that today, she felt like the luckiest little girl in the world.


Treats said…
I would have loved to have been there. I have never liked people singing Happy Birthday to me, either. When I'm all better, maybe Nika and I need to have a regular time together where we can do fun things together. Remember the saying "Friends are God's apology for your family".