summer fun

I love summer in Minnesota.  It's laid back, the weather is gorgeous, the backyard pool is always full of sunshine and kids and laughter. It's a great place to grow up, a great place to be a kid, a great place to come home to after road trips. But there is one thing about Minnesota summers that I simply can't tolerate:


It's hot, it's overcrowded, it costs $7 for a slice of cheese pizza, and worst of all it's like a nesting ground for people who absolutely refuse to teach their kids any common courtesies (pushing, shoving, throwing water in babies faces).
Oh yeah - I loathe this place.

So when Rico snagged free tickets for the whole family and asked if I'd like to go, I said, "No."
"It'll be fun."
"But it's totally free."
"The kids will love it.

Needless to say, I was outvoted - but not completely wrong.

After waiting 35 minutes for a $17 dollar cheeseburger and chips, fighting off nausea (because the only rides our kids like are the spinny ones), and arguing with a toddler whose decided she hates shoes, but wants to walk on the burning asphalt - even Rico conceded.

Our kids went on a combined total of nine rides - COMBINED - and that's including the fact that Yoda rode these ladybugs three times.

A short stop at the waterpark cooled us off, but ended with Yoda pleading for a nap as we were gridlocked in the lazy river.

I love Rico. I love his job. I love that he wanted to take us somewhere fun. But I hate Valleyfair.