what's a girl to do?

Being a parent is hard.
Being a teacher is hard.
Being both to the same person is . . . well, I'm not even sure.

Homeschooling was different. I could handle that. There was no outside drama - it was just me, just the kids, it was wonderful.

This is different.

When you teach what I teach, things can get sticky.
Kooka was chosen for a lead role in a camp musical - THE lead role.
I can't win here.  If I don't let her have it, I'm not doing my job as a mom. She deserves this opportunity, she's a hard worker, a talented kid, she's done plenty of chorus work and bit parts, she's paid her dues. Plus, the two other girls that could have possibly done it had leads the past two years.

BUT, if I do let her do this, it is my reputation on the line - my gig as a teacher. If she blows it, people will call it nepotism. Let's face it, even if she Doesn't blow it, people will call it nepotism. And theoretically, I could give somebody else a chance, I can alway teach her in my living room - right?



Melanie said…
Let her do it, mama. She'll be awesome, and you know it. No one will question since it will be obvious why she was chosen....
Treats said…
Hold your head high and forget about anybody who casts judgement. You work your rear end off for these kids.
j said…
Thanks guys. She has worked really hard this week. I have to remind myself that she's only 10.