top ten places every kid should see - by punk

As we begin our annual road trip planning, I thought it might be a good idea to ask Punk and Kooka about their favorite travel memories.  Granted, they haven't yet seen the world - or even all of the U.S.A., but they each have a list of favorites.

In his own words, here is Punk's top ten:

10) The Badlands of South Dakota:  I liked how much there was to explore - tons of little crevices and cliffs and adventure.

9) The Smithsonian Museums in Washington DC:  I loved all of the museums, but really remember the astronaut exhibit and the art museum. I liked it all so much that it's hard to pick just a few special  things.


8) Cajun Adventures New Orleans Swamp Tour:  It was so cool to just see real, wild alligators jumping through the air to catch marshmallows. The swamp atmosphere looked like Yoda's home in Star Wars.

7) Fort DeSoto State Park in Tierra Verde, Florida: This gulf coast beach is gorgeous.  It was insane how crystal clear the water was.  I have not been to any other beach where you could see the sunlight hitting the ocean floor.  Not to mention that the sand was as white as salt.  If God has a swimming pool, it looks like this.

6)Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin: I love how many different things there are to see and do.  You will never get bored here (if you have enough money to go around).  My favorite places are Top Secret, Wizard Quest, and the World's Largest Candy Shop.

5) Las Vegas, Nevada: I like all of the lights, everything was just so bright and colorful and alive. I love the sideways elevators in the Luxor, and the street artists.

4)Henry Doorly Zoo, Omaha, Nebraska:  It's amazing how well this zoo is designed - it made me feel like I was really in the jungle.  They made it exciting just walking through the place to the next exhibit.

3)The City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri: It's like the coolest playground you've ever been to, and it's all made of junk and spare parts. I love how they made everything super visually attractive, but still fun to interact with and climb on and play with - and slightly dangerous.

2) Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida: Everything there was fantastic.  I'm a movie buff and you can tell how much work they put into making you feel completely immersed in their movies and their world. My favorite rides were Men In Black, The Mummy, The Simpsons and Spiderman.

1)Disney World in Orlando, Florida: I just think this is something that every kid should see, because it's the place where so many well-loved characters come to life.  It's such a magical feeling, even as an older kid, to be in the place where all of your childhood memories live.