top ten places every kid should see - by kooka

So here is Kooka's list. Lots of the same stops - but for different reasons.

10) Las Vegas, Nevada: It's like candy for your eyes. There are so many things to see, and we didn't have much time, so it never got boring.

9) Spy Museum, Washington DC: It's not just a museum, it's more like an adventure.  You can press buttons, and climb up ladders and go down chutes. It was one of my favorite parts of Washington DC. My mom liked when we were all assigned spy roles and had to remember all of our info just to get in the door. My brother liked the amazing disguises.

8) The Rainbow Fountains at Ellis Square in Savannah, Georgia: The fountains are perfect for a nice hot summer day (or night). We went on a walk one night and saw water squirting up from these rainbow lights. Noah and I played in it for a while - and by a while I mean a loooooooooooooooooooong time. My mom and Rico had to drag us out of there and we walked home in soaking wet clothes, but we didn't care.

7) Savannah's Candy Kitchen, Savannah, Georgia: Remember the fountains? Well, we loved them so much, that we went back the next day, but on our way there we stopped at this candy shop. It's not just a shop, they make fudge and prailenes and caramel apples, and TAFFY!  we could see the taffy being made, wrapped and carried by a conveyor belt into the bucket.

6)The Rocky Mountains, Colorado: I got kinda freaked out by the car ride up the mountain, but once we were up there it was amazing! It looked like God's playground.  There were no limits on exploring and I felt like a giant up there. We were on the divide so Noah spent his time spitting over the edges to send his spit either to the Pacific or Atlantic ocean.  We also got to have a snowball fight in July!

5) The Henry Doorly Zoo, Omaha, Nebraska: This zoo isn't just a zoo, it's more of a playground. Something that really sticks in my head is the giant 15 foot hole filled with water - with NO FENCE around it! And if I were a parrot living there I would be in heaven  -they were free to go anywhere they wanted. There is also a giant bridge to walk across - it was really teetery and I felt like I was really exploring in the jungle.

4) Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin: I've been to a few trips to Wisconsin Dells, and the things that stand out to me are Rick Wilcox magic show, Wizard Quest, and all of the waterparks.

 3) Fort De Soto State Park in Florida: It was absolutely clear! The sand was white. My brother and I stayed in there forever, and I wasn't even afraid of sharks - because you could see everything!  My mom and Rico finally made us leave, but this is a great memory that sticks in my head.

2) The City Museum, St. Louis, Missouri: Not only is this place GREAT to explore, but it's made of entirely recycled materials. (and it doesn't smell bad). My favorite part was all of the little tunnels and coves and caves.

1) Disney World, Orlando, Florida: Every child should go to Disney World in their lifetime.  It doesn't matter if it's for an hour, a day, a week, a YEAR (hint hint), but it's so magical - even if you are 99 years old, you are still going to love this place!