maybe tomorrow

Some days are harder than others.

This is one of them.

But the weekend was better.

Punk hosted his booth at the local art show - police character sketches and mug shots.

We also got to take Rico out for Hibbachi, which was an increasingly rare family outing. Punk tried sushi for the first time, 4 of us caught flying broccoli in our mouths (one of us refused to try), and although she was initially terrified by the huge fires, Yoda eventually caught the giggles and loved watching the chef squirt saki and Mountain Dew into everyone's mouth.

Today is hard.

On the bad days there are night sweats and fevers. The oxygen machine seems louder than usual. We are less patient with each other than we should be, and there are not as many smiles. On the bad days, we wonder when the good days are coming.
Maybe tomorrow.