the bell

This part happened today. Kudos to Mayo, because after having to reschedule him over an hour away yesterday, they sent his girls down there with him, and by the time the local clinic was fixed, his crew was right back here too.

I remember seeing the bell when we first went in to get him measured. Three days after that, his doctor told me that he was afraid it had spread. I didn't know if he'd ever get to ring that bell. But here we are today. By a strange twist of fate, Kooka got to come with us today (the twist being that Punk had ACT's to take, Rico had been rescheduled and Kooka overslept), but it was nice to have his little team there to cheer him on.

As for Rico, he says he doesn't feel like celebrating. I'm sort of with him. This was the easy part. We knew how this would work. The unknown is scarier.

But at least we are prepared to face it. Soldier on sweets - we got this.