It's been a busy weekend.

More Mayo appointments for Rico - for which I have no pictures.

Kooka's last middle school choir concert - in which she had a solo, and for which I also have no pictures.

Yoda being honored for reading at her elementary school - where you guessed it - I got no pictures. I do however have a lovely vision in my head, of the principal repeatedly playing Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk to get the crowd pumped up. It worked. The entire 4th and 5th grade classes sat in front of us singing along: "Hot Damn - Bitch say my name you know who I am."  (For real Mr. Principal - there's a Kid's Bop Version - that's what it's for.)

I did luck out when it came to Punk though. It's prom weekend, and thankfully I wasn't busy running to or from work -  or giving side eye to 10 year-olds for singing inappropriate lyrics to my kindergartener.  Punk has always surrounded himself with really wonderful people. His girlfriend is so kind and talented and fun to be with. His best friend is a goofball wrestler who takes all of the smack downs Yoda (and Punk) can dish out, and he's know the other girls since first grade - which is a long time to be communicating in movie lines and showtune lyrics.

Yoda had to dress up too.


Treats said…
Love, love, love the pics!