the countdown

Two days - that's how long we have until Rico is finished with radiation treatment. Overall, things have been OK for him. Unless we're counting the fatigue, and the loss of appetite, and the edema, and the kidney stone - but other than that, he calls it "a walk in the park".

I think he might be right. The waiting will be the most devastating part for him.

After he wraps up radiation, it's back to the surgeon to schedule his operation - anywhere from 3-12 weeks from now.

Twelve weeks.

I cannot imagine what will happen if they say twelve weeks.

He's impatient.

But adorable - even in his socks and hospital gown.

(And just so we're cool - despite his "are you kidding me?" expression, Rico not only gives his permission to take any pictures we take of his treatment - he's usually got a goofy pose to go with it.)


Roxann McCain said…
Chris had the same awesomely fun personality. Maybe why he liked Rco from the get go. And he puts up with my own personal craziness. Sending tons of love. And Scarlett is still waiting too.
Treats said…
Love the socks, Rico. Keep smiling!
j said…
Thanks guys. I always imagine Rico and Chris picking apples off of your tree Roxann. Rico being too short to pick them and Chris always pick the wrong ones, until he finally gave Rico and apple picker and was like - "here, knock yourself out." Good times.
Kelley Bray said…
Neeks makes that face!! Praying for 3 weeks!
Tiffany Talbot said…
I mean he pretty much rocks that outfit! Love you guys.
Tiffany Talbot said…
I mean he pretty much rocks that outfit! Love you guys.