Sometimes life gets tricky.
And when it does, I have to just stop and think about the beautiful things.
These are some of them:

Academic high honors for Kooka - straight A's all through middle school, plus her girl's acapella performance.

Punk's gallery show for art:

Yoda winning the Harry Potter Trivia contest in the park:

Punk getting to film a retro 50's commercial. 

Rico getting to read to the kindergarten class:

Those things were good. This one - this thing that looks like you'll get a power-up or an extra life if you eat it - not so good:
So if you find yourself at the store saying, "It's fruit, how bad can it be?" We've saved you the trouble - the answer is "quite bad." You're welcome.


Rapp family fun said…
We totally tried a prickly pear the other day too! we liked the names and thought we love all fruit so why not. The boys thought it had boogers inside if it!
Treats said…
Awesome. Happy Belated Anniversary!
j said…
Right Shanna?! It's like if you could pick barf from a tree - it was horrible.