If the rest of us could manage to stay out of the hospital it would be helpful.

One of us isn't helpful.

As I was chaperoning Kooka's field trip yesterday, Punk called from school - he was sick with a fever of 101. He woke up this morning with a sore throat but the fever was down. We kept him home from school, but also kept his chiropractic appointment since he'd been having some back pain.

He'd never been to the chiropractor before - none of us had. Not gonna lie - it looked a little bit like this:

But he said he felt ever so slightly better when we went home.

Until he passed out.

And being the great parents we are - we only noticed once. He had to tell us about the other time. (In my defense, I wasn't home - but still - when your kid is laying face down on the carpet unconscious for any length of time, and you're unaware of it - Mom guilt kicks in).

The clinic was closed, but since I'd seen him have his spine snapped earlier, I thought it might be best to take him to the hospital.

We went.
Dr. S says his spine is still in tact. An bag of saline, an ultrasound and a blood culture later found him dehydrated with a low white cell count. Probably viral. Probably some kind of weird fainting disease we picked up from those wild island goats in Alabama last summer. Ug.


Myrna CG Mibus said…
Let's talk fainting sometime. We have experience with it at our house, too.
Tiffany Talbot said…
If he was already low on his count I'm sure the chiro appointment just released some more badness that because he wasn't feeling well made him pass out. I hope he's feeling better soon!!!
Treats said…
Seriously. Enough.