rough week

Mostly I am too tired to write, but maybe I can manage a list.

1) Punk in the hospital once - but urgent care once too. Two bags of IV. Negative strep test. four days home from school. Viral - we think. I don't even know what to say about this.

2) Genetic testing for Rico. We needed him to go, but am truly terrified at what we will find out.

3) One of our teachers at the studio taught her last class today. She's heading for med school. She is truly everything I hoped I'd find in a teacher. We all cried about this one today.

4) A field trip for Yoda - to the dairy farm.

6) Our spring showcase for the studio is this weekend. I would be lying if I said we were ready. We're not, and furthermore, I know it is all my fault. I couldn't handle life for the past 5 months and it shows in my work. I wish it didn't. I do know that I gave them all I could. I also know that it was not nearly what I usually give. Ug.

5) But mother's day was nice. Italian food and a stop at the lake to feed fish and watch remote control boats.

6) Sleep. We all need sleep.


Treats said…
Wish I had that magic wand I've been looking for. I know it's here somewhere. Hang in there.