Hey mom, I've got an idea, why don't you stop acting like a psycho now that showcase is over.
I'm so malnourished I can barely hold my pants up let alone this girl - seriously mom. It's been weeks. Can you go grocery shopping now?

How I tell my kids to behave during showcase week.
How I behave during showcase week.


Juliette/Paul said…
Such Awesomeness! I think I'm psycho all the time. NO, I shouldn't say that about myself. Just the week before my period, the week of my period, all throughout the school year, on vacations, whenever we get ready to go to church or anywhere else we need to be on time, etc, etc, etc. I love every minute of being your friend Jana! Any second I get to hug or talk to you is precious!
j said…
Ha ha ha. This comment is my favorite. I'm saving it forever!