Well, Rico's knee has been bothering him - more than it should be at this point. Another MRI led to the discovery of a torn meniscus. For somebody like you or me - no big whoo - we go for a day surgery, they sand it off/vacuum it up/whatever. But for Rico it feel like starting over. He is hopeful that the pain and swelling will just go away without surgery - but who knows.

He gets around slowly, but relatively steadily with a walker, but his quadricep refuses to fire which means his right leg can bear weight - but isn't good for much else - like propelling itsself forward - sort of like if you had to balance half of your body on a baseball bat - its better than nothing - but we wouldn't say no to something better.

We just keep calm and carry on for now - it's sort of our motto.

The rest of life has been wonderful and busy, but without much time for updates.

We are still so grateful for all of you. We are so lucky to have such beautiful humans in our lives.


Treats said…
Seriously?!? A torn meniscus. You can't make it up. Buy a lottery ticket.
j said…
But doesn't everybody have a torn meniscus? Don't most of us go through life without even knowing it? Just wish. His didn't hurt so much.