Quick update from Rico:
I am not a man with great patience. So even though they told me it would take six months to a year for full recovery, I am frustrated that I am not out there riding my bike at five weeks. Recovery is going pretty well other than some issues with edema and chronic pain. All drains have now been removed and the plastic surgeons say that my incision sites are works of art and are very proud of themselves. Though I think they look kind of grotesque, I will admit that the healing is going quite well. I am still using a walker to get around, and getting down the stairs takes more supervision and assitance than most people give a toddler - but we make it work.

Putting  aside  all that yucky stuff, I am such a lucky man to have a wife who is giving me a complete foot treatment right now, even though she says right in the middle of it that she's concerned that one of my "leper toes" might fall off in her hand.  


Maybe. But seriously, without her and all she does for me this would be so much worse. As difficult as this is for the entire family, her commitment to them and to my recovery is incredible. Thank you my love, you are my best.


Myrna CG Mibus said…
Good to read a post from you!
I'm kinda curious about your "leper toes" now :-)
j said…
No - no - don't be. You don't want any more information on that.
Treats said…
You are a lucky man, Rico. Keep getting better!