Because there is not time for much else.

Six was a good day for Yoda. Birthday lunch at the "fancy" Mexican place - where she loves only the rice and beans.

A homemade cake from Kooka and I.

Two more monarch eggs in the garden that she gets to hatch.

But of course the best part was the "very scary - but in a good way" surprise when the whole cast of Grease surprised her with a birthday serenade, featuring Danny on bended knee with an ice cream cake and Sandy with a hand-painted t-shirt.

A visit to Punk, who is being forced to draw still-lifes which goes against everything he stands for.

And despite the fact that he is being coerced into drawing plants, he certainly hasn't been forced to EAT a single one, judging by the photos he sends of his dinners.

Rico drove for the first time in about two months today -one small step for Rico one giant leap for my nerves. I'd feel better if I thought he could actually feel his leg. Back to the doctor tomorrow - we'll see what he thinks.


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