the word

A year ago I signed on to choreograph a summer theater production.

Not just any production - the production of my dreams - the musical that I have been obsessed with for as long as I have been roller skating in my garage - way back when I lived in California and looked like this:

It's Grease.

Even as a six-year old, I would've given up that ice cream lunch box to get to choreograph this show. I mean short of setting me in charge of Joseph with the real-life Donny Osmond, or bringing Michael Jackson back from the dead to do the Wiz, or maybe rewind Olivia Newton John and Gene Kelly to give me a shot at Xanadu, this is the one.
Grease is the word.

When the show was confirmed last year, I was beyond excited.

Of course, then all hell broke loose - but like that's ever stopped us from barreling on against our better judgement. . . .

Anyway, despite running on a steady diet of lunchables and minimal sleep, despite the fact that I know I am not as focused as I want to be,  I'm glad we're there.

Our little theater is a magical place.

Kooka helps me choreograph and teach. She built a staircase with a miter saw today. She's hanging out with college kids - life is good for her.

Yoda is living the dream. She's up until 10 every night, spends most of her free time stalking Danny and Sandy and sometimes coerces them into taking selfies with her.

When she gets bored, she reads the script or wanders through the aisles singing showtunes to herself. When she gets really bored, she comes to tell me who in the cast could be doing a better job. (Oh yes she does).

Even Punk, and Rico, and Punk's girlfriend Zoe will be making cameos. With Rico still in bed, Punk headed off to a college art program and Zoe moving to another town (we're already crying about that part), none of them could actually participate in the show. However, the three of them snuggled up in our bed today and recorded voice-overs for the drive-in scene, where they will play, the hero, the werewolf, Sheila, and the mad scientist.

Spending our nights with such beautiful, talented people, makes our life a whole lot sweeter. I'm pretty much over the lunchables though.


Krista Sorenson said…
I so knew there was some deep reason we connect on a cosmic level. Turns out it's because I had the same ice cream lunchbox as a child. Man, I loved that thing. Looking forward to seeing Grease -- I'll be on high alert for the drive-in scene voiceovers!
Treats said…
10 years ago you were eating Taco Bell during "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown"'ve downgraded to Lunchables?!?
j said…
Uh - I sort of viewed it as an unpgrade - but I guess now I'm second guessing that decision.

Krista - I hear you on that lunch box - if I still had it - I'd be using it.
Tiffany Talbot said…
Grease has always been my dream too so I totally get it! I'm so happy that you all are able to work together in some way on it. ❤️