It's like dumb and dumber go to med school.

How much Lyrica are you supposed to take?
But there are two in a pouch.
Oh, then two.
Then what is this other stuff next to it?
What color is it?
I don't take anything purple.
Are you sure? Should you be taking the purple stuff?
I don't even know what that is - why do we have that?

Do we put those Ted hose on now?
No, no I think they come off. No, wait maybe on.

Don't even ask about assembling the wheelchair.

But as predicted - we are complete pros with Netflix

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Lisa McDermott said…
Yeah - I highly recommend a grid system for schedules for exercises, medicines (and what they look like, dosage,), etc. No one has good recall at a time like this. It reminds me of an Erma Bombeck column (remember her - hilarious woman) who wrote something like, "My husband takes blood pressure medicine, the dog takes heartworm medicine, and I take hormone replacement. On any given morning, I'm not sure who gets what, but nobody leaves the house without taking a pill." I love her.