all good

There is much to be grateful for this week.

A birthday with chicken enchiladas and raspberry cake.

Snow. Beautiful snow.

A high school Christmas concert featuring both big kids. His half of the tenor section is Punk's favorite part of school each day. "The Left Six"  - as they call themselves are pretty talented, but also pretty hilarious. We'll miss them next year.

Sharing week at work meant dinner with these three instead of class. They've been together for six years now. I expect they'll be in each other's weddings some day.

So far so good right? Even the mammogram came back clear - so clearly things are looking up for us health wise.

Oh wait.

How am I the only person in the house that hear bloodcurdling cries at 3 am?

For real - even the dog didn't move.

I head into Tiny's room and she is sobbing, saying, "I did something. I did something to my neck."  I ask her to sit up, see if she can turn it. She can't. Can't even move her arms.

I tell her it's OK. We are two blocks from the hospital. I put on boots and a jacket and tell Rico what's up.

Like a freaking Christmas Miracle, he somehow teleports himself into that room without a brace, or a cane, or even a groan. He makes good time too.

Again I ask her if she can sit up, so I can pick her up to take her to the car. That's when she tells us. "I can't. I can't move anything but my feet."

It's 3 am.
Our kid wakes up from a dead sleep half paralyzed.
I can't lift her without causing excruciating pain.
Rico can't lift her at all.

Even though she has no fever, nothing weird, she's clearly in unbearable pain.
We call the ambulance.

After a ride to the local ER, she is given Vicodin, x-rays, a neck brace, a day off of school and the diagnosis of torticollus (basically twisted neck muscle accompanied by muscle spasms).

They refer us to a chiropractor who blessedly was able to squeeze her in today. It didn't eliminate the situation, and she's still sporting the "neck cast" which she's asked us all to sign.

Needless to say, I did not get to accompany Rico to Mayo for his six month scans today.

2016 has not been our most stellar work. But if those scans come back clean - it's all good.


Anonymous said…
Glad you had some good days. Can 2016 finally be over please?!? Poor Neeks.