We had a gas leak in our basement tonight.

Furnace gas and CO too.

One outside of our house too. What are the odds?

Well, it's 2016 - and it's US we're talking about, soooooo. . .

Both the gas company and furnace repair were here tonight. A mere $4,500 should put us back to normal.

We also found a mouse. Yeah, like somehow the smell of gas is creeping up the stairs choking me out and yet Speedy Gonzales and Chuck E. Cheese are down there breathing easy and hosting a holiday shindig.

Regardless, we have a LOT to be grateful for.

We get to stay inside wrapping presents and drinking cocoa and making truffles and snuggling and breathing oxygen.

Tiny is doing much better - still can't lift her chin, but the chiropractor and the neck brace have worked miracles since Wednesday.

We had the foresight to go grocery shopping last night, so haven't had to venture out much.

Both kids got into the big Rock and Roll revue at the high school. Punk got lead on a song - which is a pretty big honor, and also get to perform in 5 other pieces. Kooka gets to perform in five pieces - dancing on some and backing vocals on others.

We got to make some icy suncatchers and can't wait to see how they turn out.

The snow. It's so beautiful.

Punk's favorite teacher in the world (the same one who inspired him to photoshop himself into this civil war photo) submitted an entire portfolio of his work to an art contest.

The big kids made it safely to Wisconsin for the weekend.

We are almost finished with homemade presents - which take much more time (and love) than I originally anticipated. Eight days left!


Roxann McCain said…
And I was wanting to stress out because my toilets acted like they were freezing up. Yep, I am an under achiever.
j said…
Ha ha ha - yet in your defense, we could walk to a neighbors if we had to.