Some days feel like healing. Some days not.

The past week has felt like not.

Rico still has a cough, but wheezy, tired coughs. The kind that make me worry all over again. They say it is just the pneumonia, but it's hard to trust "just" anything anymore.

But tonight felt different.

For three years we've wanted to attend the Choir for a Cause event at the Mall of America. A local radio station hosts the event, where a choir of thousands sings Zach Sobiech's song Clouds as part of a radiothon to benefit cancer research.  (If you're unfamiliar with Zach's story you can read more here.)

We've always wanted to go, but we've never been able to make it until this year.

This year - it was a priority. Zach had sarcoma - the rarest form of cancer, the least researched, the most underfunded. His family and ours - we know this monster. We had to be there.

We brought 12 singers from the studio with us.

I don't really have words for how it felt to be a part of something so simple, so beautiful, so huge, but for tonight it felt like healing.