christmas pictures

Nothing to write - except being a whole family felt extra good this year. Hope your Christmas was Merry.

Cheesball making

Our new forever tree. We had to put extra smelly scentsicles on it to compensate. 

Tiny sporting my "Little Miss Norway 1977" bunad.

Kooka sporting my 1998 little red dress.

Christmas Eve snacks.

If you zoom in you can see Yoda's amazement at Scrappy actually opening his gift from her.

A fully tricked out cane from Punk.

18 years in the making. A quilt made of his favorite childhood clothes. Yeah, I somehow managed to do that. I also had lots of online encouragement from Sara of "Sara blanket fame".

Treats for St. Nick and Santa Mouse.

Christmas morning. A Slytherin cardigan for Punk (even though he must be a Gryffinpuff), a turquoise ukelele for Kooka and a purple canopy for Tiny.

Christmas morning pancakes.


Anonymous said…
Looks like it was a pretty great Christmas. Happy New Year. Here's to 2017 and good riddance to 2016!